News from Q-Workshop

Q-Workshop did a live video on Facebook today where they shared a lot of great news about upcoming projects and releases. Here are the highlights for you:

  • Big announcement: Witcher dice!
    They are planning several 7-die polysets related to the main characters, and they mentioned a coin. Coming 2nd quarter of 2021, they didn’t show samples. There are also going to be Witcher accessories like dice bags
  • In addition to the new sets mentioned above, they are planning a Kickstarter with more exclusive Witcher dice sets. They are teasing that they will be using a new material that they’ve not worked with before but didn’t say what
  • Kanji dice will come back in 3rd quarter of 2021 with the same design as before, but in different colours (they didn’t say which)
  • Dice Macabre will be released as retail version in February 2021, standard size only (i.e. the larger ones are Kickstarter exclusive), photo below
  • Dice advent calendars will come back in 2021, they will try to listen to feedback and improve them (they didn’t say how)
  • Rounded d4s will become more accessible (they will make them in more of the existing designs, likely towards 3rd quarter of 2021)
  • Two new colours planned for the Call of Cthulhu polysets (dark blue glitter with white ink, and opaque black with magenta ink — photos below), coming end of January 2021
  • There will be more coming in the future, like new Pathfinder sets, new Starfinder sets, “My First Dice Set” for children, a lot of glowing dice this year
  • QW will be joining a Polish charity for children’s healthcare – 10 one-of-a-kind dice sets especially made for this charity, 6 will be put up on eBay for auction, 4 on a Polish auction portal, and the money will go to the charity, will start January 17th (red dice with white ink and heart theme — photos below)
  • They’ll start with a new buyer’s reward system. This will be a voucher system, where when you order in their QW online store, you get virtual coins which you’ll be able to cash in at QW booths during physical events
  • They want to cater to collectors with a subscription program that will give you access to special or custom dice that will not be available otherwise
  • In addition to physical fairs and conventions, Mystery Boxes may be available at online events as well, but they can’t share any specifics at the moment