Links to other Dice Resources and Communities

The Dice ChannelYouTube channel by Jeffrey G. with all sorts of interesting dice information. Jeff regularly posts videos where he goes dice hunting or opens dice mail. Well worth a look!
Dice DBMichael Schäffer’s dice database, with comprehensive information on different dice manufacturers and brands, including photos and listings that can help you IDing unknown dice.
Würfelsammler.deMichael Schäffer’s private dice collection with images and information on all the dice in his collection. The filter function can help you find dice if you’re looking for something specific.
Dice Maniacs’ Club Facebook GroupThe oldest dice collecting Facebook group with daily activity — be it sharing news and information about dice, photos of new purchases, dice ID help, giveaways and much more dice related stuff.
Goblin Dice Hoard Facebook GroupOne of the newer but larger dice collecting Facebook groups that is very active and loves everything about dice.
Dice Collectors Facebook GroupAnother dice collectors Facebook groups with fewer members and regular posts about dice.
Speckled Dice Collectors Facebook GroupA Facebook group dedicated to the Chessex Speckled dice and their fans.
Dice DiscordDiscord community for dice enthusiasts where we discuss dice aplenty and often.
Dice Maniacs’ Club BlogThe blog connected to the Dice Maniacs’ Club Facebook group with all sorts of interesting information about dice. (I used to write for them in the past, too.)
A Bit DiceyA blog with dice news, dice reviews, guides and reference info, and lots more.
Awesome DiceThe blog for the online shop with the same name. They regularly post information about dice, but also use the blog to advertise products in their store.