The Oddball Dice Series #6

For the next two weeks, I will make daily posts where I’ll spotlight unusual or lesser known dice that I have in my collection that I hope are interesting for everyone to see and learn about. Each day I’ll cover a different theme, I hope you enjoy this series.

Chessex Pound o’ Dice Acrylic Exclusives

Unfortunately, I only own this one d20, but I know that these also exists in the d10 shape and I wish I would have won that one ebay auction a while ago to get my hands on one. 🙂

These black and purple swirly Chessex dice were made years ago by the German acrylic factory and put in PoDs. They are very reminiscent of the Vortex design, but an actual black and purple Vortex line doesn’t exist. A full set of them would be neat, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

I know there are many other PoD acrylic exclusive dice, sometimes also known as PoD fillers, such as opaque acrylic dice in the modern Chessex mould or unicolour pearl dice or certain 16mm pips such as the “Mystery Mint” one or the brown ones with faint glitter in them. If I ever come across more of these, I’ll post photos at a later time.