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Different d4 shapes and where to buy them

Top-Read Pyramid d4 This is by far the most common d4 layout and used in the vast majority of commercially available polyhedral dice sets. Just look at any shop that sells mass produced dice and you’ll have several options for d4s like this. The Dice Shop Online and Dice Emporium also sell single dice if …

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Final Names for the Chessex Pound o’ Dice 2023 Sets

Chessex PoD Sets 2023

The names for the exclusive sets that are distributed in the little brown envelopes together with the Chessex PoDs get voted on in a Speckled Collectors group on Facebook every time they release new sets. Below are the names for the current run that are now in circulation.

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Dice History – The Danish Edition

I recently came across a dice set on a second hand platform that caught my eye, because it looked like the Chessex Opaque urea dice out of the Danish Dan-Tern factory, but it curiously had a bottom-read d4 in a mould I had never seen before. My curiosity piqued, I went ahead and purchased said …

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Reference Guide: Ancient & Gold Mist

I recently wrote a post on why the Ancient vs. Gold Mist names that collectors differentiate are actually a myth, but nonetheless is it useful to have this distinction in the dice collecting community. In a nutshell, collectors now differentiate between the somewhat darker and swirlier Ancient variant and the lighter and more misty Gold …

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The Idiosyncrasies of Dice Naming

If you’ve been in the dice collecting community for a while, you might know that collectors sometimes give things names in order to tell certain dice apart that may look very similar or just to have a name for something specific that wasn’t quite disguished in that way by the company who made the dice.

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Vox Machina – The Polyset Edition

Like some people before me, I embarked on a quest to make my Critical Role Vox Machina d20s into full sets, trying to find existing polysets that matched the designs of the d20s. And let me tell you, it’s not been very easy.

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Not all that glitters is Borealis…

Bescon Shimmery dice

Updated 08 Oct 2023 The Original Chessex Borealis Some of the most sought-after dice in the collecting world are the old Chessex Borealis lines like Aquerple, Clear and Confetti that are made out of a clear acrylic base with colour shifting glitter inside. Sadly, these three particular lines are no longer made because the EU …

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Chessex Borealis Purple OG vs. Bescon Moonstone Orchid

Borealis Purple OG vs. Moonstone Orchid

Bescon recently released some new colours in their Moonstones lines, and as many collectors have observed, the Orchid set is very similar to the Chessex Borealis Purple old glitter dice. While the Bescon glitter doesn’t have the exact same depth and shimmer as the old Borealis glitter, it’s definitely the closest emulation I have seen …

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Magic the Gathering Spindowns & Pokemon Dice

Magic the Gathering (also abbreviated MtG) uses life counters, also known as spindowns to keep track of life totals. This is where you can find a downloadable list of all MtG spindowns released to date that might also help you identifying them.

Chessex Lab Dice 2020-2023

Chessex Heavy Dice

Updated 28 Oct 2023 The continuing journey of the Lab Dice Ever since the premiere of the first wave of Lab Dice in 2019, Chessex has continued releasing new test colours under their Lab Dice premise — smaller runs of new designs to test their popularity and make more informed decisions which of them to …

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