The Oddball Dice Series #10

For the next two weeks, I will make daily posts where I’ll spotlight unusual or lesser known dice that I have in my collection that I hope are interesting for everyone to see and learn about. Each day I’ll cover a different theme, I hope you enjoy this series.

The King Cards dice most people don’t know about

When people say King Cards, most collectors think of King Cards Pearl or King Cards Rainbow, which are fairly well known to collectors. However, King Cards also released other things that you don’t see all that often. Here are a few examples:

King Cards Snow Time 16mm pips
Translucent dice with little blobs in them, almost like a chunkier version of the luminary particles, except they don’t glow in the dark. They were made in a number of different colours. Chessex made a polyset version of the white with black design and called it Orbits, but they were not widely distributed and may have been a test set.

King Cards Glitter 25mm pips
These are actually kinda cool, there’s this one die that has metallic strings woven throughout, and it looks very different from different angles, depending on the alignment of the strings. The pips have different metallic colours on each face, and they look like they might be printed on since they don’t have grooves.

King Cards Marmoriert (Marbled) 16mm pips
Made as 16mm pips in different colours with very subtle swirling. I have eight different colours, I’m not sure if more were made.

What a number of people may also not know is that back in the day, King Cards sold a lot of the same dice as those that are known to collectors by other names, namely…

  • King Cards Tutti Frutti (same as Crystal Caste Satin)
  • King Cards Marble (same as Chessex Rainbow)
  • King Cards Ice Cream (same as Crystal Caste Ice Cream)
  • King Cards Porcelain (same as Crystal Caste Porcelain) – I was able to acquire a carded set of these in purple
  • King Cards Silk (same as Crystal Caste Silk)
  • King Cards Moonlight (same as Weible Dragon)
  • King Cards Speckled (same as Chessex Speckled)
  • King Cards Perlmutt (same as Chessex Mother of Pearl White, possibly only sold as pips)
  • King Cards Transparent (same as D&G Gem)
  • King Cards US Crystal (same as Crystal Caste Crystal dice in their Otherworld colours plus a potentially exclusive yellow colour)