The Oddball Dice Series #12

For the next two weeks, I will make daily posts where I’ll spotlight unusual or lesser known dice that I have in my collection that I hope are interesting for everyone to see and learn about. Each day I’ll cover a different theme, I hope you enjoy this series.

The Danish Lottery Dice

Most long time collectors will have probably heard of or come across these in their day: The fabled Danish lottery d34.

These were made by the Danish Speckled factory a long time ago. They are trapezohedron shaped and were made in several different colors, some of them even in different ink variations. The material is the same as the Chessex opaque urea dice.

The story surrounding these dice as I’ve heard it is that they were made for the Danish lottery to randomly roll numbers with them, which was using a 34-numbers system at the time. Shortly after they started being sold, a decision was made to change the Danish lottery to a new system that wasn’t using a total of 34 anymore, so these dice basically became obsolete and production was stopped.

These are the colours that I know exist:

  • Black (red ink and white ink)
  • Blue (white ink)
  • Green (white ink and yellow ink)
  • Orange (black ink)
  • Red (white ink)
  • Yellow (black ink)