The Oddball Dice Series #16

For the next two weeks, I will make daily posts where I’ll spotlight unusual or lesser known dice that I have in my collection that I hope are interesting for everyone to see and learn about. Each day I’ll cover a different theme, I hope you enjoy this series.

The dice I haven’t been able to ID to date

The penultimate post of the Oddball Dice Series features a few dice that I haven’t been able to ID to date but that I think are interesting and maybe a little unusual.

Translucent clear 16mm die whose pips are inked in a translucent green. This makes for a really interesting effect. I’ve been told these also exist with other pip colours, and I believe they made by the same German factory that produces for Chessex. I have no idea who sold these or what they were called, if they even had a name.

Pearly dark blue 16mm pip with white ink. Possibly a Chessex PoD random, or possibly something else. Can someone confirm if this is one of those PoD fillers?

Really interesting (and generously cracked) acrylic 16mm pip in a yellowish amber colour with golden swirls all throughout the die and very subtle mint-green swirls in places. I’d never seen this one before I came across it in a dice lot. Anyone know what this may be and where it came from?

Opaque orange d10 with an unusual font. The 7 is hooked and the 4 is open, the 1 doesn’t have an upstroke, the 6 and 9 have dots.

I’ve seen d20s in a similar fashion and I have a black w/white d20 of those, although I’ve also seen photos of other colours with gold ink. Anyone have any idea who might have sold these?

Translucent teal-mint d20 in an unusual font and number map. Anyone know what brand this is and if full sets exist?

Translucent d20s with another unusual number map. The number below the 20 is 18, and the 1 has a weirdly long upstroke. You can tell it’s not the 7 since the 7s have a horizontal line through them, which you can’t see in this photo. The horizontal line 7s are similar to dice that were sold by Crisloid, which have a different number map altogether. Would be interesting to find out more about these.