The Oddball Dice Series #13

For the next two weeks, I will make daily posts where I’ll spotlight unusual or lesser known dice that I have in my collection that I hope are interesting for everyone to see and learn about. Each day I’ll cover a different theme, I hope you enjoy this series.

The “Real d10s”

Some of you may have come across d10s that have an actual 10 instead of the usual 0, and today I wanna show off the two specimens I own. I think they’re most abundant in this particular D&G mould, but I also know Chessex has or had moulds in the Danish factory that have a 10 instead of 0 (this was used for the Chessex Speckled Scorched d10 set, for instance).

I don’t actually know anything about the history of these. Were they made for RPG systems that don’t use percentile rolls, where you roll from 1 to 10 on a d10 and would never need a 0 zero roll? If you know more about this, please let me know. Depicted here are d10s in the Chessex Rainbow Lapis and Crystal Caste Magma Green designs. I’m sure they also exist in other designs, too