The Oddball Dice Series #1

For the next two or so weeks, I will make posts where I’ll spotlight unusual or lesser known dice I have in my collection that I hope are interesting for everyone to see and learn about. I will try to cover a different theme each day, I hope you enjoy this series.

Off-Colour Oddities

Sometimes it happens that dice come out in a way that wasn’t intended, be it wrongly coloured material, an odd material mix, unintended abnormalities in clarity or opaqueness or just… strange things that aren’t supposed to be that way.

Here’s a few that I’ve come across in my day that are random little weirdoes that I love:

A Crystal Caste Moonstone Aquarius d4 that has a pinkish purple tint, presumable some red or purple or pink material was mixed into the clear acrylic by accident.

A D&G Fire Opal-like d4 in dark purple with rainbow glitter. Possibly a prototype or a one-off accidental mix specimen since there is no released Fire Opal set in that colour scheme.

A D&G Gem Clear d6 that has the tiniest hint of blue-purple glitter mixed into one end of the die.

An uninked Chessex Borealis Smoke with old glitter that’s a lot paler and more translucent than the regular Borealis Smoke. I really wish they’d made the regular release version that way because they look a lot more stunning and interesting than the much darker full production variant.

A Chessex Rainbow Amethyst w/black percentile die that has absolutely no white swirls.

A D&G mould die that I can only presume is a Gold Mist or Ancient Red d20 gone wrong, with the golden material all in one blob. Also possible this is a die from the

A Crystal Caste Toxic Pink-Black d10 that’s mostly pink with only a very small black swirl.

A D&G translucent d8 in a shade of blue I’ve never seen before. It’s somewhere between the darker blue and the lighter, more greyish smoke-blue colour.

A Chessex Velvet Purple w/gold d8 that’s way more translucent than it should be.

The most windowy Chessex Leaf Copper d8 that has more translucent material than you’d normally see in Leaf Copper with some coppery wisps running through it.

A d20 in the old German acrylic mould that looks similar to the Crystal Caste Ice Cream line, but it’s milkier and not as neon as the Ice Cream Pink variant.