Dice Trading

I am trying to complete a number of dice sets that are out-of-print and can no longer be purchased in stores. One way of completing or finding these sets is by trading with others who may have these dice and are looking for something that I can offer them in return.

In order to find out if we can mutually help each other out, I have an ISO list (= in search of) that depicts the dice I am currently looking for and a list of trade stock of dice I am happy to trade away:

If you want to trade with me, here are the ground rules:

  • Trading only – I am not interested in purchases, and I’m not selling my trade stock at this time.
  • Please e-mail me or contact me via Facebook with trade offers.
  • Please don’t contact me if you don’t have anything on my ISO and want to buy from me (trust me, I will say no). That said, there are some currently available Dispel Dice I’m after which you could buy for me.
  • Due to the large amount of trade stock, I don’t have a comprehensive list of all the flaws of all the dice. If you’re interested in a trade, I will definitely tell you if the dice have flaws and also provide photos that depict them.
  • I’m happy to provide more details and photos of specific dice or sets upon request.
  • I have a pretty good idea about the monetary second hand market value of these dice and I’d prefer to keep trades as balanced as possible, but I’m happy to discuss and see if we can work out what you have in mind.

I’m located in Germany and will ship tracked (standard practice) or untracked as per recipient preference. Happy to trade internationally, barring any shipping restrictions. Each trade partner will pay their own shipping expenses, irrespective of location and pricing.

You’re encouraged to leave feedback (positive or negative) about trading with me in the respective Facebook dice group feedback threads:

Personal note:
If you see dice in my trade stock that I’ve traded with you before, it’s because I now have duplicates of these from dice lot purchases or other lucky finds. As I would like to see my dice going to good homes, I reserve the right to decline trades with certain people based on negative feedback, experiences or behaviour.