What Are the Hard to Find Dice?

A lot of collectors have probably felt the frustration of getting closer and closer to completing that out-of-print dice set, and then there’s just that last elusive die that’s missing. You know, the one that everyone is looking for. It’s a bit of an odd phenomenon, and no one can really explain why it is always those one or two dice that seem to be the hardest to find.

For some people, knowing which are the hard-to-find (or htf) dice in a set may be the make-it-or-break-it decision in whether to attempt to piece together a set. It can also be useful knowledge for trades to know which dice are especially sought after, or it can explain why you’re getting frustrated in not finding any sales or trades for that one die you need.

I put together a table for Dice Maniacs’s Club that lists out the htf dice (that I’m aware of) as a helpful resource. Please click the button below to get to the list.