Chessex Borealis Purple OG vs. Bescon Moonstone Orchid

Bescon recently released some new colours in their Moonstones lines, and as many collectors have observed, the Orchid set is very similar to the Chessex Borealis Purple old glitter dice. While the Bescon glitter doesn’t have the exact same depth and shimmer as the old Borealis glitter, it’s definitely the closest emulation I have seen to date.

Just like the Borealis dice, the Moonstones have a “good side” and a “bad side”, and the full extent of the shimmer is only visible at very specific angles. (This is pretty much the case for all iridescent glitter dice.)

The Bescon Moonstones are actually a two-colour mix, kinda like Chessex Translucent Gemini with extra glitter inside: a mix of purple and blue material, with similar colours to Borealis Purple and Sky Blue. The colour mix of the Bescon Moonstones can be hit and miss, some dice can be very purple heavy, some more blue heavy. (My set is the best-of from two sets I ordered, because I was anticipating this.)

Sadly, the Bescon Moonstones also have a fair amount of bubbles. Nearly all mine came with at least one bubble — something you can sometimes also observe in the Chessex Borealis, but not as commonly so.

That said, the Bescon Moonstones are still pretty rad, especially if you want something with the Borealis Purple OG aesthetic but don’t want to shell out the $150+ for a set.

In the comparison pics, Borealis Purple OG is on the left or bottom and Bescon Moonstone on the right or top. The last photo is just the Bescon Moonstone Orchid by itself.