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Dice Digest — March 2021 (#14)

Here’s all the dice releated news from March that have caught my eye.

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Dice Digest — February 2021 (#13)

Back after another month, a bit late again, so my apologies. Here’s all the dice releated news from February that have caught my eye.

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European Discoveries in Deinking

As some of you may know, the deinking method of choice in the US is using the degreasing cleaning agent LA Awesome and just soaking the dice in it undiluted for a few days. However, us folks in other countries don’t have easy access to LA Awesome, so some people have tried and tested other …

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Dice Digest — January 2021 (#12)

2021 is here, and it’s time for the first Dice Digest of the new year. Here’s all the latest news I found sharing-worthy.

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Dice ID Guide: Swirly Orange Dice

Vortex Orange & Vortex Magma

In this blog entry, I’d like to point the spotlight at orange dice with swirls, particularly the Chessex Vortex Orange and Vortex Magma lines, as well as Crystal Case Silk Orange, which all look very similar.

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News from Q-Workshop

Q-Workshop did a live video on Facebook today where they shared a lot of great news about upcoming projects and releases. Here are the highlights for you:

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Dice Digest — November/December 2020 (#11)

Just in the nick of time it’s finally here: No. 11 of my Dice Digest. I have to apologize for the long wait. This was supposed to be written up in early December, but things at work were kinda crazy in December, and then Cyberpunk 2077 got released, and that was that. 🙂 Some of …

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Not all that glitters is Borealis…

Bescon Shimmery dice

Some of the most sought-after dice in the collecting world are the old Chessex Borealis lines like Aquerple, Clear and Confetti that are made out of a clear acrylic base with colour shifting glitter inside. Sadly, these three particular lines are no longer made because the EU started using the iridescent glitter material in Euro …

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Scammer Dice Shops

Recently, we’ve been seeing a significant amount of scammer Facebook and social media ads and online stores that are trying to advertise dice that aren’t theirs, and will not deliver what they promise.

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Chessex Borealis Purple OG vs. Bescon Moonstone Orchid

Borealis Purple OG vs. Moonstone Orchid

Bescon recently released some new colours in their Moonstones lines, and as many collectors have observed, the Orchid set is very similar to the Chessex Borealis Purple old glitter dice. While the Bescon glitter doesn’t have the exact same depth and shimmer as the old Borealis glitter, it’s definitely the closest emulation I have seen …

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