Dice Digest — June 2024 (#23)

Here are the latest news and releases that have caught have my eye in the past month or so.

This newsletter is impartial, editorial content and is not aimed at commercially advertising products. I don’t receive any payment or free products for any content in this newsletter. Products mentioned are things I personally find interesting and would like to keep the dice community informed about. There are certain dice brands I will not include because of their unsavoury business practices and other known issues.

Dice Spotlight

I featured these as newly announced in last month’s digest, and I wanted to highlight them because these really impressed me in person. This is a set by Die Hard Dice called Purple Rain – polymer dice in their exclusive Avalore mould, coated with a metal effect.

The glossy droplet effect effect is hard to capture in photos, and it may look more 3-dimensional than it actually is. It’s quite a unique effect I’ve never seen in dice before, and I hope that DHD releases more dice with this effect in other colours in the future.

New Releases

New from Critical Role

This month, Critical Role released another set in collaboration with Everything Dice called The Shattered Teeth, named after an archipelago in the southeast of the continent of Tal’dorei. The dice are described as each die having a mountain island floating in the ocean with wisps of white clouds at the top.

New from Dice Envy

Dice Envy has a few new recent exclusive releases – two gemstone sets with their exclusive sigil design (called Oasis and Midsummer’s Eve) and two new extended sets with their custom font and logo and the Infinity d4, called Sea Shanties and Wizard’s Weave.

New from Die Hard Dice

DHD added two new colourways to their Mythril dice line – purple and green, both available in two different ink options (black or silver). They also released a metal set with differently coloured dice as an homage to the old D&D Holmes sets.

DHD announced that they are extending their charity project to help children in Gaza and to further support the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

If you buy a set of their Rerolls dice, DHD will donate 50% of the proceeds to PCRF, plus they will donate a set of Rerolls to MagiKids, a charity dedicated to supplying school programs and clubs with gaming supplies.

New from Dispel Dice

It’s a little difficult to keep up with all the new Dispel Dice releases these days since there’s been a lot of announcements of new designs over the past month. Some of these may already be available in their store, some were announced as upcoming launches that will drop at a future date. I recommend you follow their social media accounts if you want more details for release dates.

New from Fennek & Finch

I will admit that I’m not a 100% sure that these are really new, but I don’t recall having seen them before, so here’s the sets that look unfamiliar to me.

New from HD Dice

HD released new metal sets with flower designs and night sky designs.

New from Heartstring Dice

The latest new products from Heartstring Dice (or HS Dice) are a variety of metal, glass, gemstone, resin and acrylic dice, outlined below.

New from Hymgho

Hymgho has carried 55mm d20s with a liquid core for a while, but they’ve recently added these two new colours to the mix.

New from Udixi

Udixi’s new releases are a mix of resin, metal and gemstone sets. Some are availble in several different colourways, not all of them are pictured below.

New from Sirius Dice

For pride month, Sirius Dice released a limited edition pride flag set. $30 of every sale are donated to the Trevor Project.

New from T&G

We haven’t really seen anything new being added to the T&G factory website in recent years, but they recently made an update to their Aliexpress shop and there’s a few new designs that are a combination of a spiderweb and an Ancient-style design and opaque sets with a spiderweb theme.

More opaque colours available:

Photos courtesy of T&G Dice

New from YuSun

YuSun is one of those retailers who are hard to keep track of since they don’t have a website and they don’t share their new releases on social media. I found a few sets on Alibaba that I believe are new. Some of these are available in more colourways than the ones depicted, e.g. the sharp-edged crack design, the golden vein ones and the liquid core d100s.

New Sharp-Edged Designs

These are sharp-edged dice from mass-production resin crafters in China that are fairly new. This list is by no means exhaustive and just a selection of what I personally find interesting. These dice can be bought from a multitude of dice retailers as well as Aliexpress. The first two designs are from Mini Planet Dice.


The listed Kickstarters aren’t automatically recommended or endorsed by me, nor does it mean they are trustworthy and legit. I try my best not to list anything that looks dodgy or that I couldn’t in good conscience recommend, but it’s always possible that a project looks great on paper but ends up not delivering what it promises. Ultimately it’s at everyone’s own discretion whether they want to back any of these Kickstarters or not.

Trinkets, Knick-naks and Do-dahs by Critit

Ultimate Periodic Table Dice

Mega Monolith (large-sized d20s)

Monster Dice Set Collection

Dragon Flame Gemstone Sets

Big-Eyed Monster Dice

Forest Kingdom Coin Dice

Master Dice Collection – Loaded Cheat Dice Sets

CNC-Crafted Aluminium d20s

Tron-Inspired CNCed Aluminium d6s