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TeeJay’s Trade Stock

Listed here is my admittedly ridiculously massive trade stock. Photos may not always represent the actual dice I still have at this time. My most current stock is listed in this Google sheet or this PDF file. Please note that sets or carded pip bricks will only be traded as-is. I will not break sets or almost complete partial sets apart or offer curation of sets from loose trade stock. My ISO (= what I’m looking for) is listed here on in this Google sheet.

You can e-mail me or contact me via Facebook if you’re interested in a trade.

Chessex Loose Polyhedrals – Acrylic

Chessex Loose Polyhedrals – Speckled and Opaque

Crystal Caste Loose Polyhedrals

Other Loose Polyhedrals

Chessex Full Polysets (carded and uncarded)

Chessex Incomplete Polysets (uncarded)

Miscellaneous Sets (uncarded)

Chessex d10 Sets (carded)

Pip Bricks

Loose Pipped Dice

Dice in Original Packaging

Chessex Lab Dice (new in original packaging)