Dice Digest — July 2021 (#18)

Here’s all the dice releated news from July that have caught my eye.

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Dice of the Month

This month I’d like to showcase my first ever purchase of handmade (or maybe I should say homemade) dice, and I’m super in love with them. These two sets were made by Falling Rocks Dice, and they’re all I could ever have wanted.

The pink-orange-yellow-white set is a variation on their Daybreaker set (with magenta instead of purple to match one of my D&D characters), and the teal-gold-white set is their Royal Seastone set. If it didn’t say these dice were handmade, you’d never know. I don’t see any flaws with them (I’m a pretty picky person), and the swirls are to die for. Ashley was also incredibly generous and fantastic to work with for the modification of the Daybreaker set, she comes 100% recommended.

The second featured dice this month are my two favourite sets from the most recent Lindorm Dice Norse Mythology Kickstarter. The creamy caramel coloured set is called Heimdall, the blue set is Skade. Even though the Heimdall set came out a little more orangey than in the Kickstarter samples, I still love their caramel cream look, and the Skade set definitely has seafoam vibes that would be awesome for a sea or water based character.

The Kickstarter preorders have been closed, but keep an eye out on the Lindorm webstore, hopefully some leftover sets from the Kickstarter will end up there, once the Kickstarter has been fully delivered to backers.

New Releases

New from Chessex

Great news from Chessex last Friday, they released more details about the upcoming new mini sets. Chessex will give us new mini dice in a new, custom mould in 12 different colours to start with. These will come out later this year (no exact date known yet) in the following designs:

  • Borealis Icicle
  • Borealis Royal Purple
  • Festive Circus
  • Festive Mosaic
  • Festive Waterlily
  • Glitter Ruby
  • Marble Green
  • Nebula Nocturnal
  • Scarab Jade
  • Translucent Red
  • Translucent Teal
  • Vortex Bright Green

Sets will be packaged in plastic boxes similar to their regular sized sets but the boxes are a bit smaller. Suggested retail price will be $5.98 per polyset.

Also great news is that Chessex is bringing back the heart pips! They will be remaking 16mm d6s with hearts as pips in the Ice Cream Orange design and Cirrus designs in the colours White, Yellow, Pink, Green, Light Blue and Purple. Retail price for these will be $0.85 per piece.

New from Die Hard Dice

Die Hard Dice released another new Avalore set, this time dark green with green glitter. The inked version is called Enchanted Aria, the uninked version Enchanted Cadenza.

Also new is their Horizon Dire d20 Rainbow Pride, an overized metal d20 with a middle inlay in the colors of the rainbow, a top inked in black and bottom inked in brown to fully represent the Pride flag.

New from HD

Photos by HD

One new set from HD this time around, they call it Volcano (for good reason).

New from CozyGamer

CozyGamer re-released some of their exclusive dice in their new font, as 8-die polysets (regular polyset plus logo pip) or extended sets: Psychic Blade, Snow Peak, Black Fog and Beach Party.

New from Dice Envy

Photo by Dice Envy

Dice Envy restocked a few of their popular sets, including Bifrosting and some of the stripey metal exclusives.

New from Haxtec

Photos by Haxtec

More handcrafted sharp-edged mylar dice from Haxtec, including special packacking.

New from Heartstring Dice

Photos by Heartstring Dice

Heartstring Dice have some new releases for us as well, including pastel ink-swirl sets, dice with animal inclusions and with flowers.

New from Dakota Irish

Photos by Dakota Irish

Dakota Irish released new exclusive dragon scale metal dice with raised numbers in July. These are available in 11 different colour combinations, modeled after different fantasy roleplay dragons.

New from Yusun

Photos by Yusun Dice

New dice from Yusun pictured below, which includes more inclusion dice and metal dice with a musical theme.

New from Udixi

Udixi is also offering more inclusion and metal dice, for more details please check their website.

New from Hymgho

Photos by Hymgho

Hymgho is offering a bunch of new designs, among them new Morning Star and stripey rainbow metal dice.


Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to do a full write-up of all the active dice Kickstarters this month, and I may just limit the Kickstarter section for all future Dice Digests to simple links. There’s so many running in parallel every month, and it takes a lot of time to compile them all and summarize the info.

I will be splitting the Kickstarters into two sections:
1) Kickstarters from reputable companies or dice community members (I’ll call these Kickstarers+, but I can’t vouch that all these are legit and will deliver),
2) Kickstarters from unknown brands or creators that I wouldn’t necessarily vouch for (I’ll call this Other Kickstarters).

The fact that I’m listing Kickstarters here doesn’t automatically mean I highly recommend them, or that they are trustworthy and legit. I try my best not to list anything that looks dodgy or that I couldn’t in good conscience recommend, but it’s always possible that a project looks great on paper but ends up not delivering what it promises. I may add my own commentary to the text if I’m not convinced about certain projects, but ultimately it’s at everyone’s own discretion whether they want to back any of these Kickstarters or not.


Starfarer Sci-Fi Dice by Paladin Roleplaying

The Explorer’s Collection by Homebrew Dice

Element Dice 4 by Modern Awesome Dice

Bear Bear Large Dice by Robin’s Nerd Supplies

Roll4ItDice Pride Dice by Austin Cushing

Other Kickstarters

Gunslinger Solid Brass d6s by Daniel Lindsay

Dragon Tears d20s by ARHTUN

Halloween Evil Bunny Metal Dice by Moonmares Games