Dice ID Guide: Swirly Orange Dice

In this blog entry, I’d like to point the spotlight at orange dice with swirls, particularly the Chessex Vortex Orange and Vortex Magma lines, as well as Crystal Case Silk Orange, which all look very similar.

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News from Q-Workshop

Q-Workshop did a live video on Facebook today where they shared a lot of great news about upcoming projects and releases. Here are the highlights for you:

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Dice Digest — November/December 2020 (#11)

Just in the nick of time it’s finally here: No. 11 of my Dice Digest. I have to apologize for the long wait. This was supposed to be written up in early December, but things at work were kinda crazy in December, and then Cyberpunk 2077 got released, and that was that. 🙂 Some of this was written up in November, so it may be old news by now.

Then of course, I would also like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a good 2021 to come! Hopefully things will look up over the course of the new year, with the world getting closer to a sense of normalcy. Let’s kick this virus in the butt!

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Not all that glitters is Borealis…

The Original Chessex Borealis

Some of the most sought-after dice in the collecting world are the old Chessex Borealis lines like Aquerple, Clear and Confetti that are made out of a clear acrylic base with colour shifting glitter inside.

Sadly, these three particular lines are no longer made because the EU started using the iridescent glitter material in Euro banknotes and it became a controlled substance. Borealis Clear was discontinued in 2014, Aquerple in 2015 and Confetti likely around the same time, though these are even rarer as they didn’t sell well at the time and never went into full production after an initial limited release.

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Scammer Dice Shops

In recent months, we’ve been seeing a significant amount of scammer Facebook and social media ads and online stores that are trying to advertise dice that aren’t theirs, and will not deliver what they promise.

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Chessex Borealis Purple OG vs. Bescon Moonstone Orchid

Bescon recently released some new colours in their Moonstones lines, and as many collectors have observed, the Orchid set is very similar to the Chessex Borealis Purple old glitter dice. While the Bescon glitter doesn’t have the exact same depth and shimmer as the old Borealis glitter, it’s definitely the closest emulation I have seen to date.

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Magic the Gathering Spindowns

Magic the Gathering Spindown Slivers

Magic the Gathering (also abbreviated MtG) uses life counters, also known as spindowns to keep track of life totals.

These are usually 20-sided dice that, unlike most other d20s, have similar numbers next to each other so that you can easily find the right number when you need to count up or down. The 20 face of the spindown die usually has an expansion symbol.

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Chessex Lab Dice 2020

Lab Dice Wave 4

After the first three successful waves of Lab Dice in 2019, Chessex released one additional wave of Lab Dice in 2020, with six new designs in pairs of two — 2x Heavy, 2x Nebula, 2x Gemini.

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Dice Digest — October 2020 (#10)

Time for no. 10 of my Dice Digest — this time on an all new blogging platform that I will be using for these from now on. I hope you like the design and find it easy to navigate and read. Older editions of the Dice Digest are available here in PDF format.

The Dice Digest is likely not going to be the sole content of the blog, but since I have a busy life with D&D playing and a full time job, updates will likely be somewhat irregular.

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Dice ID Guide: Crystal Caste Silk vs. D&G Marble

In my series of dice identification guides, this time I’d like to focus on two other lines of dice that get easily confused: Crystal Caste Silk and Dice & Games Marble. Both are two-coloured styles with one dominant colour and white swirls, but they do have some features that can help you tell them apart.

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